Dog Boarding limited to daytime only.

Please note that our daycare is not for rehabilitation. We are happy to socialize puppies and we welcome dogs with excellent temperaments. We do not use our daycare clients as guinea pigs to correct aggressive behavior  in others.

Any dog that exhibits behavior that poses a risk to itself, other dogs, people and/or the facility, will be expelled from our programs and services.  Some dogs may receive a notice of spay /neuter in order to be considered for return to daycare. Some dogs simply grow out of wanting to be in a social and active environment. For those dogs, day boarding may be a better option if they require care during the day. Please feel free to discuss any concerns you may have with Ellie. Thank you for your trust and understanding.

Dog Daycare

We plan to build a Pet Resort so that we can take care of your dogs the way they deserve! If you are an interested investor or private lender, please let Ellie know!  This would be located just ten minutes from Kitchener on an organic property complete with swimming!

Special!  Discounted Rates for Puppies under 6 Months and Multiple Dog Homes!

Please note the puppy rate is a discounted rate off our dog rate. This is to provide and encourage vital social skill development and care of puppies.  Pre-paid daycare days must be used before the puppy is 6 months of age.

Collars and Leashes - All dogs attending daycare must wear a suitable well fitted flat buckled collar.  NO EXCEPTIONS

Prong/Pinch collars and e-collars (shock) are strictly prohibited.  Harnesses, martingales and choke chains are not suitable for daycare as these pose a safety risk.  If the anatomy of the dog is such that the neck is larger than the head, a martingale collar or choke chain is permissible for arrival and departure, however, a flat collar must be on the dog for daycare. The martingale/choke chain will remain with leash. 

We reserve the right to refuse any dog.  There are absolutely no refunds unless we excuse the dog from a program. In that case a refund is calculated based on the full daily rate.

Please note that we will not have a Summer Pass this year 2018. (We have been advised that it is appearing somewhere on our website but we have not been able to find it on our copy.

Dogs >6months -
Pay-as-go rate  $41.99/day
Monthly Unlimited - $499.99/month (This is for dogs that attend daily. This is good for 20 consecutive business days)

Dog Daycare, Training, Grooming and more!

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No Refund Policy in Effect on all services with the exception of a dog excused by Wag and Train and that  is subject to a $25  administration fee and remaining days are calculated at full day rate.

Daycare Rates

Puppies <6months  -
Pay-as-go rate  $26.99/day ($14 discount)

Monthly unlimited - $299.99/month
Special Reduced Rate

  • 5%   Discount on Pre-purchase of 5 days

  • 10% Discount on Pre-Purchase of 10 days

  • 15% Discount on Pre-Purchase of 15 days

Not all daycares are what we call daycare. Our daycare is interactive, supervised play 7am-7pm Monday to Friday. Our facility is 10,000sf with a fully fenced HUGe yard that incorporates structures, pools, sprinklers, toys, tunnels and a trained interactive staff.  We have beds always available for comfort. Crates and runs to safely provide dogs with their own space to eat or rest and a great inspection report from the Humane Society.  Puppies have their own separate area. Dogs in our daycare are provided stuffed Kongs, at no charge, to reward good behavior and keep them occupied during resting time.  Feeding and medicating of dogs over 5months of age is an additional charge. Our staff are available to feed and/or administer medication, trim nails etc. for a small additional fee. Wag and Train is the largest and longest running facility in Canada.
Our location is VERY convenient located right off the expressway.

*Pre-purchased days of 5,10,15 expire 3 months from date of purchase and Puppy pre-purchased days must be used before puppy is 6months of . Dogs that are absent from daycare need to be re-evaluated and re-introduced and this why these packages expire.    

Your dog can enjoy daycare
Monday-Friday 7am-7pm.

  • Drop off time must be before 10am.
  • First visit by appointment only
  • Puppies and small dogs enjoy their own separate area
  • Dogs have full access indoors and out
  • Dogs are supervised 100% of the time
  • Dog runs are used for resting, feeding and time outs as we believe dogs deserve their own space when needed.  Time outs are essential to curb undesirable behaviors.
  • Discounted rates for pre-purchased days or packages of daycare

   Wag and Train