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Upcoming Programs & Start Dates

If the dates below are not current,
please call our office or check our Facebook Page. Thank you

(All start dates subject to change without notice)

Kinderpuppy Program

6 weeks
Start dates
Classes will be weekly for duration of program

Monday August 19th 6:30pm

Tuesday Sept. 10th
6:30pm Puppy Program

Wednesday Sept. 25th
6:30pm Puppy Program

Monday October 21st.
6:30pm Puppy Program

Tuesday Oct 29th
6:30pm Puppy Program

Subject to change without notice
*Note we are closed on all STAT Holidays

*Week 1 is 6:30pm-9pm

Obedience & Manners Program

7 weeks

Start Dates

Classes will be weekly for duration of program

Monday August 19th 7:30pm

Tuesday Sept. 10th
7:30pm Obedience and Manners Program

Wednesday Sept. 25th
7:30pm Obedience and Manners Program

Monday October 21st.
7:30pm Obedience and Manners Program

Tuesday Oct 29th
7:30pm Obedience and Manners Program

*Week 1 is 6:30 pm-9pm

Agility for Fun!
AND Puppy Gym

Puppies are non-impact

LEVEL 2 Obedience & Manners

6 Weeks

Wednesday Oct 2nd
LEVEL 2 @ 8:30pm

Kitty Program InfoTBA

NOTE: No aggressive dogs permitted in class. We do not accept rescue dogs from outside of North America due to health concerns.
Class date/time subject to change. Note: Our class sizes are limited therefore there will be NO REFUNDS once class is confirmed. Cancellations must be received in writing minimum 5 business days prior to start date. A $50 Admin fee will be retained.
Note: If your dog does not meet or exceeds the pre-requisites, you may be moved to another class that is more appropriate.

Private Training or Behavior Consultation

Sorry - Private consults are not available at this time.

Sessions are available at Wag and Train Monday -Thursdays after 3:30pm and is limited to availability of the facility and trainers.   Cost depends on request. We are happy to provide a quote and to develop a customized plan.  Click here

"If I can train an elephant to reliably walk at my side and is motivated to respond promptly to whatever I ask, then surely people can teach their dogs to heel, sit, come etc., without the use of  physical force or harsh training aids"

Ellie Ross

Our ever popular programs, that seem to always sell out,  are developed and directed by our founder Ellie Ross.  Wag and Train offers classes for Puppies, Dogs of all ages, dogs that like agility, dogs that like to do tricks and even dogs that like to sniff!  Our programs are guaranteed to work, are enjoyable and extremely informative!  Understanding how dogs learn is an important facet to educating dogs effectively.  Our methods are positive but not permissive. This education is one that produces dogs that make good decisions and eliminates the need to nag, repeat etc.,  Dogs are motivated to learn, motivated to behave and are reliable.

Our  Puppy Program and Obedience & Manners Program include the ever popular Learning Theory class.  Many dog families tell us that they could not believe how much they learned in that session. It is a two hour lecture complete with demonstrations. These two programs also include free dog daycare because social development and your dog's physical needs are an important part of your dog's education!

Click HERE for more detailed program information.

Please note - we do not accept cheques or PayPal Cheques as payment.  All charges associated with the above will be billed back to the buyer.   For example - a PayPal check (as opposed to a straight forward paypal payment) costs us $9.48 on average. We are sorry but we are not willing to absorb the cost of such transactions.

Dog Training

We believe that the ultimate family dog is one that knows more than just sit, stay, come etc.   We also know that people's lives are busy. That is why our training programs focus on problem prevention, good manners and incorporating training into your daily routine. 


Dog Daycare, Training, Grooming and more!

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