These programs have sessions that are split between two locations. Indoor classroom sessions at Wag and Train and outdoor Sessions at a licensed gun range just south of Kitchener.

Prerequisites -  All non aggressive dogs are welcome to the Gun training however the retriever training does require solid stays and off leash control.   A 4 week obedience polishing session can be offered in addition for dogs with basic obedience to improve the required skills.  This program requires a considerable commitment from the owner.

Handlers are responsible for their own hearing protection, bumpers, whistles and any other equipment required.

Real birds are used in this training.

For start dates -Please email us to express your interest. All information will be provided to those that inquire.

The Puppy Program Curriculum -
•Developed for puppies 5 months and under of age at start of program
•Introduction to Basic Obedience and Manners

  • Learning Theory/Canine Cognition workshop (This class is mandatory)

•Development of Desirable Imprinting
•Dog/dog & Dog/Human Socialization (includes playtime)
•Training games to create reliable consistent behaviors
•Proactive but not a permissive approach to prevent common puppy problems

1.The program is focused on preventing common puppy problems and provides a solid foundation for training that is not based on bribery.
2.ALL PUPPIES GET FREE DAYTIME SOCIALIZATION FOR THE DURATION OF THEIR TRAINING PROGRAM! THAT’S WORTH MORE THAN THE COST OF THE CLASS! Puppies must attend EACH class for this offer to be valid. Puppies receive two days per week for the duration of the program.
*Puppies must be vaccinated for Kennel cough  and have a normal fecal report from a licensed veterinarian in order to attend daycare.  (This is not required to attend class) 

3.This program provides puppy owners with extensive knowledge that they will find invaluable. Learning about health, nutrition, behavior, training, grooming, developmental stages, canine cognition and more.  Join us and see why this program is consistently rated 10+ by participants !
4.Graduates will also receive time limited discount offer for Obedience & Manners Program to encourage the continuation of their dog’s education.

Prerequisite : Graduate from our Level 2 Obedience and Manners Program

•This program is an extended obedience and manners class utilizing verbal cues and hand signals and to introduce off lead work
•Designed to MASTER what has already been learned and more importantly- PROOF IT
•Obedience program includes ;
◦Review and advancement of the existing obedience
◦Introduction to object discrimination and retrieval
◦Introduction to Scent Detection! Introduction to Tracking!
◦Games to teach and motivate
◦Box Work - Dogs absolutely LOVE THIS !!!!
◦Individuals that are excelling will be challenged with more difficult distractions and/or exercises

Depending on enrollment, class times may vary from 45mins-1Hour

Obedience & Manners Program
Level 1

Developed for ALL dogs over 4 months of age at start date. Old dogs do well too!

•Focus is on obedience and manners that develop a dog to make the right choices vs. always having to be told what to do!

    Learning theory and Canine Cognition workshop - the class is mandatory and essential
•Obedience includes;
◦Positions (Sit,Down,Stand),Stays, Recalls, Loose leash walking,Crate games, Attention, Jumping,
•Manners includes;
◦Polite Greeting,Off,Wait,Take it,Leave it,Go to your bed,  jumping up, barking etc
◦Games utilized to motivate and escalate training
Social dogs can enjoy one FULL FREE day of socialization a week to a maximum of 5 to be used in the duration of the training program . *(Conditions apply) Dog must not be aggressive, be UTD on kennel cough vaccine (to attend daycare, this is not required to attend class)  and attend class each week. Free days are not transferable to carry over.

Anyone wishing to repeat this program may do so at 50% off the regular price but no daycare is included in enrollment.
If class is interested, components of grooming, nutrition, health etc. will be included.
This program provides dog owners with extensive knowledge that they will find invaluable. Learning about behaviour, training,  canine cognition and more.  Learn how to teach your dog to make the RIGHT choices without bribery.
                      Join us and see why this program is consistently rated 10/10+ by participants !

Ellie Ross' dog training programs are now offered at The Wag Inn.
Click here


Ellie Ross' dog training programs are now offered at The Wag Inn.
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Masters Program

NEW!  Obedience & Manners Level 2

Gun Dog Training

Sound sensitivity training and introduction into Retriever Training

Wag & Train 

These two programs are taught by Superdogs Dog Trainers who are also  International Agility Competitors

No aggressive dogs permitted. No refunds. All dogs must have UTD vaccines or titers and all dogs attending daycare must have current kennel cough vaccine.
Class date/time subject to change. Note: Our class sizes are limited therefore there will be NO REFUNDS once class is confirmed. Cancellations must be received in writing minimum 5 business days prior to start date. A $50 Admin fee will be retained.
Note: If your dog does not meet or exceeds the pre-requisites, you may be moved to another class that is more appropriate.

Prerequisite : Graduate from our Level 1 Obedience and Manners Program

If you are looking to expand on the skills we already taught you, this is a great program to do! 

This program is to advance your existing skills, polish them off and introduce some new skills such as ; target training, obstacle course, distance work, extended and possible out of sight stays, leave it and take it, speedy reliable recalls, a trick or two and so much more!

This is a fun program that will enhance your dog's education and manners.