Kitten Kindergarten

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Wag & Train 

Yes it is class for cats! No Dogs! Just cats and their human family! Okay we will have a dog or two join a few sessions for social skills but this program is for the cats!

This fun filled 6 week program is designed just for cats!

Kitty Kindergarten is for cats under 20 weeks of age at the start. The younger, the better!

Early socialization and ECE - Early Cathood Education are a sure way to prevent the most common cat problems that arise and a great way to increase the bond, relationship and understanding between you and your feline family.

Cats are VERY smart!  Ellie trained her first cat back in the early 80's and he went on to become a TV star! She found a tiny black lice infested stray kitten under her car at a laundromat. He learned how to play Billards, intefered in Ping Pong, could flip thru the air on command, understood targeting, direction, basic obedience, retrieved and so much more.  Cats are super smart and they love to learn! Learning isn't just for dogs!

Cats must be current on vaccines and be healthy.

Cats must be under 20 weeks of age on the start date. The younger they are the better the success.

Must be transported to and from class in a cat carrier

You will receive a list of what to bring to class upon registration.

This program will encompass the following and could expand the skills taught depending upon the participants advancement.

  • Prepartion and Conditioning for travel
  • Social skill development
  • Socialization to humans, other cats and a cat friendly/tolerant dog
  • Basic education - name, recall,sit,down, targeting
  • Manners
  • Introduction to cat agility (FUN!!!)
  • Correct use of litterbox
  • Scratching (save your furniture!)
  • Handling and acceptance of grooming
  • Learning theory and applied behavior and training techniques
  • Bite inhibition
  • and more!


Registration is only confirmed with payment in full.

Be a part of Kitty Kindergarten in Canada!