Wag & Train 

Policies and Other Information

Wag and Train reserves the right to refuse any dog or client.  Aggressive dogs are not accepted for any program, event or service offered

We are sorry but we are not accepting the liability of such dogs and want to ensure our clients that their dogs are attending a facility that is deemed a safe environment and their dog will not be a guinea pig to use around dogs of questionable temperament. This does not guarantee that dogs onsite will not react unpredictably but an added assurance that it is unlikely. 

Some dogs appear aggressive on leash but they may or may not be actually aggressive. We will advise on this if the concern arises. But because some dogs are protective of their people and/or are reactive on leash, we do ask that you do not approach other dogs and do not allow dog to dog contact.

Collars:  It is our strict policy that pinch collars, prong collars and e-collars (shock) are not permitted to be used at our facility in any capacity. Choke chains and martingale collars are not acceptable for daycare as these pose a huge safety risk. All dogs attending daycare, must have a well fitted flat collar. Choke chain and martingale collars may be acceptable in class programs if the anatomy of the dog is such that the neck is larger than the head posing a risk to slip a regular collar.

LATE PICK UPS - Our daycare hours are Monday - Friday 7am-7pm.  While we understand that weather and traffic can impede your schedule, we ask that you contact us to let us know as soon as possible and arrange for an alternative person to pick up your dog. Please note that there is a $25 late fee for late pick ups the first time. The second time it is $50 and the third time we may have to deny services in future.  Please don't put us in a position to have to charge you. Emergencies and unexpected events do happen and we are certainly understanding of that. We ask the you communicate with us and have a back up plan, just in case.  Any dog that is not picked up and has no available emergency contact,  is subject to being transferred to a boarding facility or shelter and any related expenses are the responsibility of the dog owner. 

If a dog is deemed not suitable for dog daycare and is excused, day boarding may be an option but this in on a case by case basis. Some dogs may simply need a break or a vet exam to ensure there is no underlying cause.

Any dog that Wag and Train has excused from daycare, will be provided a pro-rated refund if pre-purchased days were bought.

Decisions to excuse a dog is one that we take into careful consideration. We assure you that excusing a dog from our services is  obviously not in our financial interest . It is in the best interest of the dogs, people and the facility.  Any dog that poses a risk to people, dogs or the facility, is a dog that we must excuse.

Sometimes as dogs mature they no longer enjoy the social atmosphere of daycare and it is not because of an incident. It is just like people in that as some mature, they prefer to not be in highly social settings as much and not necessarily because anything traumatic happened. We will be honest with you if our staff deem that your dog is not enjoying his or her stay with us.  

Our daycare is not a re-hab facility.  It is for happy, healthy social dogs to play and healthy puppies to develop social skills.  

Dogs must be up to date on core vaccines plus kennel cough vaccine. Puppies 6months of age and under are required to provide a statement from your veterinarian that your dog is free of parasites. You do not need a vet visit to obtain this. In most cases you only need to drop off a fresh fecal sample that is labelled appropriately.  Any dog that is enrolled in class that is discovered to be ill, have any form of any thing that could be contagious, will not be permitted until treatment has been completed and the dog is deemed healthy and clear.

Attendance to a dog facility comes with an assumed risk. Dogs have teeth and claws and some can react unpredictably.  We screen all dogs that attend our daycare but it is impossible to guarantee or predict a sudden change in behavior.  We see about two injuries per year that could involve a broken toe nail (often because the owner failed to keep them short), superficial scratches from rough play or an ear tear to name a few.  Injuries should not always be assumed that the cause was a dog fight or lack of supervision. It often stems from rough play and sudden movements.  There is an assumption of risk just as when a child attends a playground, engages in sports etc.  We have many staff and assure that dogs in daycare are always supervised. There is also an assumption of risk the people attending. We ask that you do not approach or invade the space of other handlers and dogs as a precaution.  If you notice an injury or your dog becomes ill, please advise us as soon as possible.  We do not inspect every dog in our care prior to its departure unless the dog has given us an indication that something is wrong or trauma is evident.   In the event of injury or sudden illness while in our care, we will attempt to contact you, your emergency contacts etc. If this fails and it is deemed urgent, your dog will be transported to our veterinary hospital on call for us. There may be additional charges that apply in addition to the veterinary invoice. 

Use of crates and dog runs.  We utilize crates and dog runs as we believe that dogs deserve their own space to rest and or eat undisturbed.  It is also our safest means to provide a time out for dogs that may be exhibiting undesirable behavior or for dogs that are over stimulated.  Some dogs are happier in crates, some happier in runs. We have both and will do what is best for your dog.

If your dog is enrolled in training and for whatever reason is unable to attend the class, you are encouraged to attend so that you can continue to receive the education, obtain the theory, see the demos and learn from the others.   If we are able to accommodate you with a makeup class, we will do our best but can't guarantee that there will be one running at the time of your program.   Class refunds are only considered if we receive written notice minimum two business days prior to the start date of the program. Refund requests falling outside of that criteria simply cannot be considered as space is limited and we need an opportunity to fill the spot that was reserved for you. No refunds are given once the program has commenced.

Cancellations must be received in writing a minimum of 5 business days in advance of the start date and are subject to a $50 administrative fee.

Kennel cough and other communicable diseases -  since many infectious diseases are contagious prior to showing symptoms, it is impossible for Wag and Train to be aware of the potential for infections to spread. We consult regularly with veterinarians and our cleaning protocols, our air exchange system and our criteria for acceptance is our best defense to protect all the dogs in our care.  Some dogs are simply carriers and never show any symptoms of any health issues.  If your dog has a cough, runny nose, runny eyes, runny stools, vomiting, lethargy, bloody poop, potentially contagious skin issues etc., please do not expect us to accept your dog. Your dog will not be accepted.

Escape artists - if your dog can scale chainlink, climb out of enclosures, trashes crates or other types of confinement and or has any skill in which he or she can escape, please don't bring them to daycare.  Our fence is solid with wildlife brackets on the top as an added safety measure and we have invested in the best facility possible but we will not accept the liability of dogs that are known to be or become escape artists. We consider this a dog that poses a risk to itself.

Sadly when we excuse dogs or deny a refund that does not meet the requirements, some people are offended and choose to write poor reviews out of anger, denial or embarrassment.  Please be aware that if you or your dog were excused for aggressive behavior and you post online,you may then be subject to details of your or your dog's behavior to be posted publicly and we reserve the right to pursue legal action against you.  As our client, you agree not to post derogatory, and or negative reviews online via social media or other mediums. You agree to pay $5000 to Wag and Train if you breach this agreement and could be subject to further legal action. We do communicate with other professionals in the area and reserve the right to exchange information. If you have any concerns, we invite you to ask us!    We have hundreds of written testimonials from real people that we are happy to share with you and you are welcome to meet our endless happy clients that come through .

Wag and Train has a no refund policy with the exceptions stated on this page.

Wag and Train reserves the right to invoice owners of dogs that have caused damage to our facility and or equipment.

Dogs in grooming that pose a risk, may be denied grooming services and in such a case, we will do our best efforts to contact you and request your dog be picked up.

Our priority is your dog(s). We have invested a considerable amount of money in our facility that includes a $22,000+ air exchange system, cleaning equipment like a professional floor scrubber, floor sweeper etc.  We truly do offer dog play that is supervised in a very large facility. Due to the size and attention to the dogs, we are not always available nor can we always hear, the phone. We obviously don't have laptops in daycare but we do check email and voicemail messages daily.  We truly want what is BEST for YOUR DOG and if you feel any concern, please share it with us.